Uber E-Gift Card

500 Pts


Everyone knows that Uber is the world’s top pick-up-and-drop-off travel service provider. Anyplace you want to go, at any time, just call Uber and you’re there. Uber is trusted for its round-the-clock pick up and drop services, its range of transport vehicles and its excellent service. Now Uber has come up with Uber Eats, the easiest to way to get the food you love delivered to your home. Just scroll down the Uber Eats app and decide what you’re going to eat today and from there, and voila! Hot piping food is on its way to you, courtesy the speedy delivery system of Uber Eats.

Shipping & Delivery

  • Orders dispatched Monday to Friday, excl. public holidays.
  • Shipped within 48 to 72 hours of receiving the order.
  • Delivery takes approx. 3-5 business days for Metro areas and 5-7 days for Non-Metro areas.
  • Delivery only to street addresses, products will not be delivered to PO Box addresses.


Uber Gift cards, with denominations starting from Rs.100. These cards have a 36-month validity– a long time to decide on where to go and what to eat! An Uber card is the perfect way to give your loved ones a nudge to order food in or to go somewhere they’ve not been before. Do your friends or family hesitate to travel to their favourite places because of onerous travel arrangements? Don’t brook any arguments – just gift them an Uber gift card. The Uber service will take them anywhere they want, safely and in luxury.

Use our Uber gift cards to gift your family and friends the luxury of ordering their favourite eats at home. Know anyone in your circle who hesitates to order food because of late deliveries and unpalatable food? It’s time to introduce them to the Uber Eats service. Gift them the joy of ordering from hundreds of top restaurants, delivered directly to their homes at the best speed possible – the Super Uber speed. Having an Uber gift card on hand is like having money ready to spend on transport and food. Your gift recipients will love you for such a thoughtful and wonderful gift!